Corporate Care

We have extensive experience in providing healthcare for many of the ‘Magic Circle’ law firms along with many other companies, both large and small. This has given us a clear understanding of their particular healthcare needs allowing us to deliver comprehensive and innovative healthcare services, based on current best medical practice.

Below is an example of some of the services we already provide, but if you are thinking of using us to provide corporate care for your employees we would be more than happy to speak to you regarding the various options which we can tailor to your needs, so please contact us by phone or email and our Practice Manager will be able to go through this with you.

'In-house' GP Services

'In-house' GP medical services can be provided at the client's premises or at 110 Harley Street. Having an In-house GP service such as a regular GP clinic is an integral part of the ‘Employer of Choice’ goal of organizations.

In most corporate firms, time is at a premium. Providing an experienced GP on-site significantly reduces the need for employees to take time off work to visit their local NHS services and is clearly more convenient.

Surveys repeatedly confirm the place of in-house GP clinics at the top of the list of preferred employee benefits.

This is clearly of benefit to both the employee and employer so that less working time is lost accessing appropriate medical care.

All the services outlined are offered with most pathology results being available the next day.

Travel advice and appropriate vaccinations can be provided on site at short notice - ideal for the unexpected business trip.

If you think you might be at all interested in arranging more personal medical care for your staff please do contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Health Screening

The Harley Street General Practice offers comprehensive Health Assessments to suit all types of organisations.

Regular medicals can form part of a broader health package encouraging a healthy life-style to ensure the continuing good health of your employees.

We offer counselling and advice to maintain or improve your employees’ lifestyles, with help in implementing changes where necessary.

A trusting doctor-patient relationship provides a safe forum for your employees to express concerns not necessarily presented to their GP. For example, detecting work-related stress at an early stage can improve both personal and corporate well-being.

Having agreed the type and frequency of health assessments offered, we can organise recall of employees from our copy of the client's database. This recall procedure has been shown to result in a higher uptake of screening than when administered by the Human Resources Department by maintaining medical confidentiality.

Employment Screening

A variety of Pre-employment Screening options are available and are tailored to suit each client’s needs. Prompt availability of results avoids recruitment delays and we guarantee that you will not need to chase us for an answer.

Employment Questionnaires

Detailed Pre-employment Questionnaires are a cost-effective and contemporary means of screening. A “fitness for work” statement is usually provided within one working day. Any concerns regarding a candidate's fitness are dealt with on an individual basis.

"The HSGP has been providing outstanding medical care to Linklaters for over a decade, offering a truly personalised, responsive service in a corporate setting. The team’s excellence in general practice, preventative care and resilience-building has proven invaluable to the Firm."

Robert Elliott, Senior Partner, Linklaters LLP

Employment Health Assessment

Medical History

Detailed review by a GP of medical background, including medical history, family medical history, social history and occupational history. Particular emphasis on reviewing work related illness and stress-related problems. An analysis of sickness absence is also undertaken.

Doctor's consultation

We ensure that there is plenty of time available for discussion of any relevant issues with the GP.

Eyesight test

Examines distance and near vision and colour blindness.


Written reports are issued to the Personnel Department within 24 hours of the assessment, thus avoiding recruitment delays.

Full blood analysis

A comprehensive analysis including tests for liver, kidney and thyroid function, full lipid profile, tests for gout, diabetes, metabolic disorders, infection, measure of iron stores, anaemia and other chronic diseases. Results are available within 24 hours.

Stress analysis

Overall review of stress-related issues though sensitive discussion with the GP plus the use of a validated questionnaire. This promote the detection of current stress and any evidence of being at risk of stress-related illness.

Urine analysis

Includes tests for protein, blood sugar, ketones, infections, pus cells, bile pigments, pH and nitrites.

Discussion of results

Including a review of blood tests and appropriate counselling.

Personal medical report

Includes an overall review of all results, a personalised action plan and advice on any relevant medical and lifestyle issues.

Doctor's medical examination

Includes full examination of the heart; lungs; abdomen; central nervous system; skin; ear, nose and throat. Height, Weight and Body Mass Index Pulse rate and blood pressure at rest.